Steven Neff Photography | The Other Side
There are many unseen doorways around us. How many such doors there are is a mystery. However, they are there. How do I know? I’ve photographed them. Photographing The Other Side is not based on any paranormal ability you may have. I’ve seen people online that tout themselves as paranormal photographers. There is no such thing. This is an intuitive type of photography, one which is guided by soul. The photography itself can become a bridge of worlds for those that are open to it.

What I write is based on personal experience and what has worked for me. It is not based on what is found on TV, which is based on ratings rather than real connections to the unseen realms.

For myself, the work you’ll see in this gallery isn’t always going to be a “There it is!” kind of image. It will always be based on the feeling I had when I took the photo in the location the intuition took me. The photo has a certain vibe to me and may not to other people. That’s the beauty of this gallery. It will be a collection of images created from an experience that moved the soul past its physical surroundings and into that which could only be felt.

When the photography involves other souls, the success of an image many times depends upon those souls’ trust. Sometimes they will show themselves. Many times they won’t. Death is but another doorway and a soul that hasn’t left this plane of existence is closer than you might think. If you’re open, they just may make an appearance.
Resting Places