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**All photos are out of the camera and have not been edited for the blog. My apologies go to drummer Kai Hahto for being unable to photograph much of your epic drum work. 


We came to Kansas City March 16th to begin our coverage of Nightwish's last leg of their North American tour via Music Enthusiast Magazine. Our hopes were high for an epic finish. With such a strong supporting cast in Delain and Sonata Arctica, the capacity crowd at the Uptown Theater was treated to the very best in concert experience. 

SLN_2105SLN_2105Uptown Theater, Kansas City, Missouri

SLN_1753SLN_1753 SLN_1758SLN_1758 SLN_1789SLN_1789 SLN_1837SLN_1837 SLN_1900SLN_1900 SLN_1910SLN_1910 SLN_1953SLN_1953 SLN_2025SLN_2025 SLN_2042SLN_2042 SLN_2069SLN_2069 SLN_2083SLN_2083


Two questions were answered for me once we made our way to Oklahoma City for Nighwish's March 18th concert; there really are people that live in Oklahoma and there are a lot of Nightwish fans there. There were enough Nightwish fans that crammed the Diamond Ballroom to fill a small town; and the unseasonably cold weather didn't stop them.

SLN_2848SLN_2848 SLN_2855SLN_2855 SLN_2859SLN_2859 SLN_2879SLN_2879 SLN_2930SLN_2930 SLN_2949SLN_2949 SLN_2978SLN_2978 SLN_2991SLN_2991 SLN_3003SLN_3003 SLN_3076SLN_3076 SLN_3172SLN_3172 SLN_3327SLN_3327 SLN_3363SLN_3363 SLN_3378SLN_3378


Nightwish returned to San Antonio on March 19th to a capacity crowd at the historic Aztec Music Hall for yet another memorable concert experience.

SLN_3733SLN_3733 SLN_3746SLN_3746 SLN_3766SLN_3766 SLN_3818SLN_3818 SLN_3860SLN_3860 SLN_3876SLN_3876 SLN_3904SLN_3904 SLN_3917SLN_3917 SLN_3936SLN_3936 SLN_3945SLN_3945 SLN_3963SLN_3963 SLN_3964SLN_3964 SLN_3974SLN_3974 SLN_3986SLN_3986 SLN_3992SLN_3992 SLN_4013SLN_4013 SLN_4015SLN_4015


Heading to New Orleans on March 20th, sleep was always welcome at this point as a Nightwish tour is literally non-stop. The band headlined at the historic New Orleans Civic Theatre in what was sure to be a memorable night of symphonic splendor for all who attended. 

SLN_4251SLN_4251 SLN_4265SLN_4265 SLN_4288SLN_4288 SLN_4318SLN_4318 SLN_4327SLN_4327 SLN_4340SLN_4340 SLN_4358SLN_4358 SLN_4360SLN_4360 SLN_4367SLN_4367 SLN_4385SLN_4385 SLN_4405SLN_4405 SLN_4413SLN_4413 SLN_4417SLN_4417 SLN_4427SLN_4427 SLN_4450SLN_4450 SLN_4490SLN_4490 SLN_4491SLN_4491 SLN_4506SLN_4506 SLN_4521SLN_4521



March 21st finds the band at the Iron City Live before a capacity crowd of frenzied fans that would not soon forget the Nightwish concert experience. 

SLN_4830SLN_4830 SLN_4860SLN_4860 SLN_4865SLN_4865 SLN_4886SLN_4886 SLN_4914SLN_4914 SLN_4929SLN_4929 SLN_5109SLN_5109 SLN_5131SLN_5131 SLN_5135SLN_5135




Nightwish's epic North American Tour finishes in Tampa, Florida on March 23rd before a sold out crowd. With little room to stand at the infamous Ritz Ybor, it was time for Nightwish to say goodbye to its loyal fans across the pond.

SLN_5713SLN_5713 SLN_5760SLN_5760 SLN_5784SLN_5784 SLN_5810SLN_5810 SLN_5813SLN_5813 SLN_5818SLN_5818 SLN_5904SLN_5904 SLN_5931SLN_5931 SLN_5963SLN_5963 SLN_6024SLN_6024 SLN_6039SLN_6039 SLN_6062SLN_6062 SLN_6077SLN_6077 SLN_6117SLN_6117 SLN_6182SLN_6182 SLN_6190SLN_6190 SLN_6199SLN_6199

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2015 Year In Review 2015 Has been a good year for us photographically. We've had the opportunity to photograph some real heavyweights this year; from Santana to Hagar. We even had the rare opportunity of covering symphonic metal greats Nightwish.

Here are some of those special moments of 2015:

Santana Takes Tampa Bay


Sammy Hagar & The Circle have Orlando seeing red. Nightwish's Floor JansenFloor Jansen Stun at the House Of Blues Orlando

Slash shreds at Earthday Birthday

Lita Ford Rocks the Leesburg Bikefest

The Beauty That Is Delain Comes To the House Of Blues Orlando

Saboton Takes Orlando

Thousands Await Slightly Stoopid

Since this is our first post on the new blog, we wanted to throw a little something in. Since 2015 isn't quite over, we may update this post if a last minute concert comes in.

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